Happiness is an unwanted gift

IMG-20180331-WA0001Be happy. How many times have you heard that phrase? From how many people? It’s very known for how short it is but can say so much, and that’s what most don’t see, all they see is, “ok, just smile more” but yet do they know how much there is behind that.

A laugh is such a beautiful thing, and is unique from person to person but yet it is one of the things that we keep on seeing less of in society. Why you ask? Oh, yeah, you guessed it, negativity, or let’s say unessecary negativity. But let me not look into that. Being happy is a feeling all of us have felt, all of us have been happy when we were little and had no care in what we looked like, thought about, had or what we were doing, but yet again society kicked in and suddenly all of those things turned into something to care about and as that happened being a child of God became “uncool”. We ask then why are there so many depressed, suicidal, rebelious, corrupted teens in this world, and we will never bring God into the answer. Why? Because we don’t want to face the truth that the only way to arrive to pure happiness is through God. Not your friends, boy/girlfriend, phone, likes on your posts, attention. None of these things will bring you everlasting happiness, but God will. God has made a promise that who ever worships His name will live an everlasting life. No, we look past that, we trick ourselves into thinking that if I can’t even see God then why would I live an everlasting life? But that’s what is going to give us His promises, the faith and trust we need to have in Him, doesn’t matter if we can’t see to believe. So, why do I say that happiness is an unwanted gift? Well simply because we don’t seek it from the right place. As soon as we are let down by someone or something we immediatly think that there is no use in being happy because all it leads to is a let down. We constantly want it now because it brings us pleasure now. Isn’t that so selfish? Good and beautiful things take time and hard work, laziness gets in the way. But we want to turn to things that are easy to reach, we don’t strive for the bigger and better, because what we have now satisfies now and that’s all that matters. But what about when you are in dark times, when that one positive thing you have been relying on turns into something negative? Now we suddenly turn to God when previously we wanted nothing to do with Him as we found our happiness from the wrong place. Really what we should be doing is praising God in the dark and light times, again laziness is what causes the opposite to happen.  These are times when you are being tested, your faith is. If you aren’t willing to work towards your relationship with God, then why should you deserve to live an everlasting life in His palace? God did die for our sins, but that doesn’t mean that we should just sin and ask for forgiveness, we should still honour Him in everything we do. Make effort to get to know your God, read your bible, pray, go to church, WORK for Him and I’m sure only good will come back to you. Don’t you want to have happiness forever, instead of just now in these few moments? Ok, but now all the negative things in your life are probably going to get into the way, only if you let them. If God is the centre of your life, there is no unessacary negativity. Appreciate your wars, even while you’re on the battlefield just smile and laugh, eventhough you want to give up, don’t give in. Life is life, full of ups and downs and most of those downs are unpleasent, but you know what you do when going downhill? Just smile and laugh when you can, enjoy the pain. Think about how far you have made it, how confident and strong those other mountain climbs have made you. Purpose is what those down times are filled with, just start thinking of all the positive things, like the only way you can go now is up, so run to the challenge of being so powerfully unstoppable with your God’s plan that even you are going to be shocked when you are at that mountain top, looking down and wondering how the hell did I get up here? God is the reason. Wear that smile that God has created with his own hands, even when your vision is blurred from the tears full of pain, scare them away with a smile, scare your enemies when you smile in the pain and simply laugh because you know that no matter what you still have a way making, miracle working, promise keeping God that can light up the darkest room. So next time when life has hit you hard, imagine your situation being a pitch black room, with no way of light coming in, and then suddenly you see a light, that brightens everything and makes it visible and start to laugh at all the beautiful, messy feelings you have been trying to hide away all this time. So, to me happiness means that you find the beauty in all the pain, when all you can think about and do is smile and laugh, when you have no room for sadness in your life. When sadness does tackle you, you scare it away by making it beautiful and precious, start appreciating it, that’s what I see in happiness. I challenge you to make your happiness a wanted gift from God. You deserve it.

So now look at this phrase “Be Happy”
Now tell me, are all you are going to do is smile?


Die Doel van Pyn


wwjd blog pic 1

Hello almal. So 2018 het maar ‘n rowwe begin gehad maar what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Ek het deesdae getwyfel of ek nog hierdie blog wil skryf want dit voel al ewig dat ek word beskuldig van plagiaat of dat die goed wat ek skryf nie ‘n verskil maak nie. Maar God het vir my terug op die pad gesit toe iemand vir my een aand gesê het, “You are so courageous to do these things like your WWJD account and your blog, I just really admire it that you want to make a difference for God in this world” Ek was so verbaas toe dit gebeur het want daai middag het ek gesit en kyk na die “delete account” knoppie maar iets binne my het vir my terug gehou, en dit was die Heilige Gees. So vandag weet ek nie wat ek oor gaan praat nie, maar ek hoop dit inspireer vir iemand daar buite.

Ek weet nie waarmee jy op die oomblik sukkel nie of wat jou uitstress nie, maar God is daar om te luister en heel te maak. Maar jy sê seker vir my “hoe gaan iemand wat ek nie eens kan sien nie hierdie vir my beter maak?” Elke Christen het al iets soos hierdie ervaar en daar is niks mee fout nie. Maar ek dink op die ou einde het dit net vir jou nader aan God gebring want jy sal en gaan op ‘n stadium kom wat jy moed opgee en net op jou knee val in trane en alles vir God gee, en van daar af, is jy weer gebore. So, hoe weet ek God gaan dit reg maak? Darling, God het meer as 7 biljoen mense gemaak en ken elke een by naam, Sy seun, Jesus het vir iemand wat nie kon sien, loop, hoor, en baie ander goed, het Hy gesond gemaak. Daar is niks wat God nie kan reg maak nie, absoluut NIKS.

Hoeveel aande het jy al in jou bed gelê en net gehuil en gehuil? Want ek het al ontelbare sulke aande gehad. Ek dink nie daar is ‘n ander situasie wat ‘n mens meer allen kan voel nie, wel behalwe as jy ‘n onvoorbereide mondeling moet praat in die klas. Waarmeer jy nou met sukel is niks teenoor God nie, maak nie saak of jou verhouding met jou boyfriend of girlfriend afdrant gaan nie, of jy iemand veloor het nie, of iemand vir jou seer gemaak het, of iets tragies vir jou emosioneel seer gemaak het nie, of jy ‘n vak gedop het, of jou Xbox gesteel was, of jou wifi af gegaan het, ALLES WAT GOD MET JOU LAAT GEBEUR HET ‘N DOEL. Glo my of nie, maar dit het. Jy moet God se plan vertrou want op die einde van die dag gaan daai slegte ding vir jou sterker maak, of jy gaan van dit leer, of dit gaan ‘n flippen cool storie maak, of dit gaan vir iemand anders inspireer. Without the bad days you won’t be able to appreciate the good ones. God is so wonderlik, en dit klink maar baie basic, soos ja almal sê dit. Die betekenis van wonderlik is:

adjective: wonderful
inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good; marvellous.
“Inspiring delight” “admiration” is dit nie twee van baie woorde wat God beskryf nie? God inspireer so baie mense, soos ek, God het vir my geinspireer om vir ander te inspireer, net soos Hy gemaak het in die tyd van die Bybel. Dis so maklik om vir God te admireer, ek bedoel hoe kan ‘n mens nie? Iemand wat iets so mooi soos die sterre en blomme gemaak het, iemand wat vir jou lewe gegee het, iemand wat vir jou beskerm. Hoe kan jy nie lief vir Hom wees nie?
Ons almal aanvaar alles wat God vir ons gee en doen as van selfsprekend, en dis onmoontlik om dankbaar genoeg te wees. Ja jy kan elke aand of oggend vir hom dank maar kan jy rerig vir alles? Ek dink nie ons kom agter hoe veel goed Hy vir ons doen nie. Jy is eintlik nooit veilig nie, jy kan op enige oomblik siek val, iemand kan vir jou skiet, jy kan val en jou kop kap en niemand sal weet nie. Dis een ding wat ek dees dae voor dank baar is, om te kan asem haal. Een van my gunsteling liedjies gaan “It’s your breathe in our lungs, so we pour out our praise” so dit beteken dat God gee vir ons asem so dat ons vir hom kan lewe want hy het vir ons dood gegaan.
So, wat vir jou nou uitstress of wat vir jou wakker hou in die aande, God weet van dit en is besig om aan dit te werk vir jou en saam met jou. Vertrou net vir Hom, dis al wat jy moet doen, want Hy kan en sal wonderwerke doen vir jou. Die grootste ding wat Hy al vir jou gedoen het is om vir jou dood te gaan so dat jy in ewigheid kan lewe, en dit is die grootste wonderwerk en niemand kan dit doen nie, behalwe die een wat op jou afkyk.
Die volgende keer wat jy huil, alleen in jou kammer, onthou dat hierdie gebeur met jou vir ‘n goeie reede en dit sal miskien nie so lyk op daai oomblik nie, maar ek belowe vir jou dat jy gaan en sal ‘n beter persoon wees wanneer alles verby is.
Ek het nou nie ‘n Bybel vers om die blog af te sluit nie maar al wat ek vir jou wil sê is, just hang in there, alles gaan oraait wees as jy vir God se plan vir jou vertrou.
Dankie vir die paar mense wat vir my ondersteen met my blog, en tyd vat om dit te lees. Soos altyd sal ek feedback waardeer en enige nuwe temas om oor te skryf.  Ek is ook hier vir raat of as jy net vir iemand kort om te luister, Instagram DMs is altyd oop of my whatsapp.

Self love because you are enough

Hello Everyone! So, it has been more than 3 months since my last blog post and so much has happened since then. 2017 is close to an end and it has been a year filled with love, memories, unforgettable experiences, lessons etc. but the one thing I have found, practiced and conquered this year was self-love.

Self-love is so important because you have to live with yourself till you die and to live the life God has gifted you full-out, you have to be happy with who you are first. The first thing I did on my journey was to surround myself with positivity and people who bring out the good in me. It really changes your entire lifestyle as you instantly turn happy without even knowing it. The second thing I did was to get my mindset about myself on the correct path. I started telling myself “My body looks like this, and that’s ok, I don’t need to look like her and that’s ok” Immediately I started loving myself day by day. This was probably the most difficult step but if you are determined you can do anything. And lastly, if you know you’ll be more confident if you make a change in your diet or lifestyle then go for it, but don’t torture yourself by starving or using a workout as punishment. If you want to follow this step I recommend you check out Olivia Vargus’s weight loss journey which she publishes on her YouTube channel. This was the outcome of my 2017 and I can’t be happier, here is how I got to this point through God’s help.

In the beginning of this year I wasn’t confident in myself and I have met many people with the same issue: comparing yourself to others. If I had to count the amount of times that I’ve seen a pretty girl on Instagram with a skinny body and have compared my body to hers, it would go on endlessly. This gave me the mindset of if they look like that, then why don’t I? If you have thousands of followers on your Pinterest board (that everyone finds relatable), then what’s wrong with mine? If you can get 100 likes on your new Instagram post in 10 min and I only get 10, then I must be ugly. And so, I was busy convincing myself that I wasn’t good enough if I wasn’t like someone else.

In the middle of this year everything went downhill: my marks, friendships, social life, health, confidence and I didn’t do what was best for me. But, ultimate realization hit me, and oh boy did it hit me hard. I didn’t know God, I thought that the only thing that it took to know God was to just read your daily verse and that was it, but then I started studying the bible, reading it more often, and PRAYING. Praying made a huge difference in my life. “Don’t say God is silent if your bible is closed and your lips are sealed” Then I started being myself and gaining self-love and it felt like a became a brand new person.

The one bible verse that opened my eyes and started my journey of self-love was Psalm 139;14 “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” It told me that no matter how annoying my laugh is, how messy my hair is when I wake up, how ugly my handwriting might be, how big my thighs are, how false I sing in the shower, how many mistakes I make and repeat, I will always remain perfect and enough in God’s eyes. God put every single human being on this earth to fulfil a purpose. To do so we need to seek the Lord. He will, however, always seek your time with Him because He is the one that made every single piece of you and knows your potential. “To wake up knowing that I’m perfect in God’s eyes, is enough,” is a very powerful quote to me because God is the only thing that matters.

The next time someone makes you feel like you’re not good enough, remember that when you go to heaven one day those word will mean nothing. All that will matter is if you took the life God gave you and lived it to your fullest. So, don’t care what people say or think about you, just keep on being your own self and do what makes you happy. Be enough for yourself and make God proud. Sometimes it makes me sad to know that there are people out there that are constantly being dragged down because they are told that if they are not like someone else they are not good enough when all they need to build themself up is God and their happiness. Everyone is their own person and it is beautiful that everyone is different because the world would be boring if everyone had the same hair, same face, same reactions, same thoughts and no one would be unique.

In conclusion: You have flaws just like everyone else, but you need to own them and fall in love with them. How many followers, likes, saves or views you get doesn’t contribute to who you are as a person. Achieve self-love by accepting who you are and remember that if someone makes you feel like you aren’t enough, you will ALWAYS be enough in God’s eyes.

Thank you for taking the few minutes to read my blog, I hope it helped. Feedback is much appreciated. DMs are always welcomed for new topics or if you need to talk to someone about a problem. I hope that God sends love and blessings your way and have merry Christmas and happy new year!

Personal account: https://www.instagram.com/_chxri_/

Christian account: https://www.instagram.com/wwjd.c

Vriende/ Vriendinne is die familie wat ons kies

​Hello almal.Ek het besluit om ‘n Afrikaans blog te skryf vandag. Ek het ook my laaste blog (He is always there) af gevat want iemand het vir my my oë oop gemaak. Jy weet wie jy is. Ek het besef ek het te veel soos Kara geskryf. Ek gaan nou as fresh as a daisy oor begin. Die inspirasie, om die blg te begin kom nogsteeds van haar af maar ek gaan nou probeer om my eie teemas uit te dink. Ek is nogsteeds ‘n bietjie skaam maar ek sal my bes probeer om my idees reg neer te skryf. Ek bid dat Jesus my sal help in die proeses.  Geniet die blog!


Vriende en vriendinne. Hulle kom in mooi pakkies toegedraai maar is nie altyd mooi aan die binnekant nie. Dis waar daai moelikke tye in die lewe kom. Daai oomblik wat jou vriendinne maak asof hulle jou nie ken nie, of wanneer hulle uit gaan sonder jou en jy vind dit uit op hulle Instagram stories.Jy kan vir hulle vra hoekom hulle vir jou uitsluit en ek weet dit is partykeer is dit nogals scary want nou wil hulle nie meer jou vriend wees nie vir ‘n stupid rede. Moet nie met daai squad/vriend bekly oor dit nie want jy moet die beter persoon wees in die situasie. En dis waar WWJD in kom. As jy face to face kom met daai persoon wat altyd moelikheid soek met jou, moet nie vraak neem op daai persoon nie, maak jouself net kalm en dink aan wat so God doen as Hy in jou skoene was?


Ek gaan WHS toe volgende jaar en ek is so opgewonde om nuwe vriendinne en vriende te maak. Maar ek sal altyd bly met die vriendinne wat al my snaaks, hartseer, irriterende en maar net weird stories na luister 3h00 in die oggend. Daai vriende weet die bes vir jou en jy weet die bes vir hulle, daarom moet ons mekaar beskerm. Moet nie bang wees om vir haar/hom te sê dat daai nuwe chom van hulle is nie goeie nuus nie.

Maats moet vir jou ‘n skerper persoon maak. My Juffrou sê, “A bully is like sand paper, they are shiny and attractive. You end up becoming friends with them but they rub off all there anger on you which makes you depressed, but at the end of the day, you are the one that became more shiny and the sand paper (bully) became the blunt one.” So kies daai shiny mense (wat al geskraap was met die sand papier) wat jou altyd maak lag en daar is om te luister.

Laas jaar was ‘n baie slegte jaar vir my. Ek was so ‘n slegte vriendin en het geskinner, wat ek glad nie gewoonlik doen nie. In die einde van die jaar het ek gebid oor dit en van daai tyd af voel ek soos ‘n nuwe persoon. Ons moet ons maats opbou en nie afknou nie. En as jy iets slegs doen, sê jammer. Ek weet dat pertykeer is dit moelik om jammer te sê want jy was miskien die een wat niks gedoen het nie? Bid vir daai persoon wie jou seer maak. Hulle het sekerlik ‘n moelike lewe en weet nie hoe om dit te aanteer nie, so hulle vat dit uit op jou. Onthou, dat jy moet die beter persoon wees. 

Een van my goeie vriendinne gaan nou deur ‘n baie moelikke ding, wat ek selfs ook nou deur gaan, maar sy maak alles atyd so veel better as sy met my haar probleeme kan deel want ek weet dat ek kan vir haar weg hou van te diep in die situasie inval soos ek was.

Die Proverbs boek in die bybel is die een van die 66 boeke wat altyd vir my help in die lewe. Hierdie is my twee gunsteling verse oor vriendskap:

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

Proverbs 22:11
Whoever loves a pure heart and gracious speech will have the king as a friend.


Stuur vir my ‘n DM vir nuwe teemas en feedback. Dankie vir die paar minute wat jy spandeer om my blog te lees, ek waardeer dit baie!

Geniet jou dag en mag God saam met jou wees!

About Me

My name is Charis Thiele. I was born in Africa, Namibia, Windhoek on the 13th of April 2004. I have been living in Namibia for my whole life with my mother, father and younger sister.

My main passions are dance, ballet, writing and God. I have been dancing for 10 years now. I will never regret going to my first dance class because I fell in love with it immediately. I hope to one day fulfil my dream of becoming a traveling dancer.

I find the bible very interesting and inspiring. God has amazed me for the past 13 years of my life. I believe that God is everyone’s best friend whether they believe in Him or not. God’s miracles are truly amazing. In my continuing blogs there will be a lot about God teaching me how to live better.

I am the type of person who is shy but friendly with everyone. I don’t easily trust anyone which is why I only have a few close friends. I do have trouble with meeting new people as I am scared of that moment of awkward silence…

My family and friends have been there for me through thick and thin. I can’t thank them enough for the amount of advice, love, patience, care, thoughtfulness etc. These stories will appear in further blogs.

I got my inspiration for writing this blog from Kara van den Heever who also has her own blog. I admire her passion of caring about other people’s problems and giving advice. I can message her anytime and anyplace and she will be there to give helpful advice and to listen.

Almost all my blogs are about WWJD, which means What Would Jesus Do? In situations I have been in, I get so caught up with the anger or sadness that I forget I need to ask the question to myself of WWJD during this moment.

In conclusion:
I will be writing blogs about things that I have experienced which helped me improve on my life. Go read Kara van den Heever’s blogs https://karasepadmetgod.wordpress.com/
New blogs will be posted twice a week

Enjoy your day! xx